Sunday, July 11, 2010


Spent the whole day today re-organizing myself. For the last few days I screwed my sleeping pattern so badly that I was sleeping from 3pm to 9pm!!! I finally forced myself to stay up until 11pm and woke up nice and early.

I also cleaned up my youtube account, I had completely forgotten that I've had it for 4 years already and have posted quite a few videos throughout the years depending on the need/purpose, mainly for school to share in-process work with teachers and finsihed works.

Browsing through I realized that I've given up my interest in animation. I even had planned to apply for a minor in film animation when I was switching majors but picked Studio Arts instead (which I later removed as it was futile, I had used up all of my credits and would have to stay an extra year to complete art history credits).

That being said, I want to dust myself off and try again. I don't plan to be the most amazing animator out there but I want to build up a body of work that I can be proud of.

While practicing my calligraphy today I kept writing "nap" in cursive and non so I took a power nap. As usual I woke up blind, even more tired and grumpy.

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