Thursday, September 9, 2010

Radiohead and hip hop, MY FAVOURITE!

I'm not going to try and explain this one, it just is and whatever isn't just can't be. Just picking up where I left off and letting practice make composition, contrast and colour a piece of cake. I'm sure we're all aware, but fashion magazines have fantastic anatomy reference photos, all of the models look like they almost died before the photographers let them take their clothes off, bless their soles.

On a last note, I'm really hating the kind of sing-along I catch myself doing to mainstream music, "I get a bitch any time I want", sure I do. I'm not even remembering on purpose, it's just there, repetitively, and sticks. Like crap, when you step in it. Advertisement and marketing are incredibly scary vices!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Octopus zombie girl

Drawing is definitely an activity I get great pleasure from, but I've found that I need to "feel like it" to really get into it. Some days my sketchbook is filled with frustrated scribbles and other days I get freaky hybrids I can imagine being 5 ft tall and wide, charcoal drawings.

The sketch below started with a scary-looking model in a fashion mag that ressembled a zombie I saw in an 80s horror film I watched when I was 7. And which has left deep-rooted fears of my brains being eaten by a determined, half-bodied, undead female.

With her pale complexion and panda eyes makeup, I instinctly emphasized her strange anatomy and soon the drawing evolved into a mess of tentacles and goth. I don't mind it, this kind of process is like playing a game of "the exquisite corpse" with myself.

Looking back

Three years ago, I was luckly enough to have been hired for a second time by a professor I admire at school who has a research lab under hexagram (as do a few other professors who work on their own projects while they teach). Her work consists of digital technologies embedded into clothing, it is quite lovely art to view up close and incredibly impressive.

I just found these grant illustrations I did for her and I was slightly disappointed as I remember making a true effort to make them look good but looking at them now I see the potential, but with so many flaws.

It's useless to even think this, but I wish I could go back in time and give myself some advice! Where's that Time Machine already?!