Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Octopus zombie girl

Drawing is definitely an activity I get great pleasure from, but I've found that I need to "feel like it" to really get into it. Some days my sketchbook is filled with frustrated scribbles and other days I get freaky hybrids I can imagine being 5 ft tall and wide, charcoal drawings.

The sketch below started with a scary-looking model in a fashion mag that ressembled a zombie I saw in an 80s horror film I watched when I was 7. And which has left deep-rooted fears of my brains being eaten by a determined, half-bodied, undead female.

With her pale complexion and panda eyes makeup, I instinctly emphasized her strange anatomy and soon the drawing evolved into a mess of tentacles and goth. I don't mind it, this kind of process is like playing a game of "the exquisite corpse" with myself.

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