Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Birthday commision

Crazy story~!

So I have this friend from High School, whom I haven't really spoken to in person since Cegep but obviously we are facebook friends and share a few words now and then but essentially have our own lives. A little over a year ago, I find pictures on her facebook of her WEDDING! And they are beautiful, especially one and I comment that if she ever wants to turn it into a painting, I am ready and willing to do so!!

Forward a few months, and no word. Until! Her friend contacts me and says he wants to buy the painting from me to offer it to the couple as a birthday gift for aforementioned High Schook friend! Of course I say SURE. voila.

She was so surprised and has an amazing friend to have done this behind her back and it's extra sweet because we were High School friends. hehe.