Thursday, October 7, 2010

Other concerns

I smell like vanilla and banana, a most perfect lotion combination that I would have never known existed if it weren't for an amazing pen-pal. My drawing has been scarce but I should really remember to never stop and keep developing, I have big dreams which require quite some work.

In other news, a design project my friend and I collaborated on and submitted to a competition has been shortlisted from a total of 300 submissions! The competition is OneOff's Food Design Competition 6 and our project is called "Slo". It'll be part of an exhibition starting in Torino, Italy later this month (where the winners of the 3 different categories will be announced) and then will be shown at the London Metropolitan University in November.

I was hoping to go to Italy but unfortunately I am not so fortunate (despite having played a considerable role in having the opportunity at all as well as some important idea/work credit -tooting my own horn due to slight bitterness) and will have to hope to go to London instead. Which is just as exciting but it would have been better if both involved were to go together (and by the looks of the official invitation the Italy exhibition looks like it's going to be a massive deal). It's an irk and a pinch I'll have to get over.

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